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The Truth about Psychological Testing in Recruitment

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For years, we have been hearing how validating people based on their resumes is ineffective and should be replaced with pre-employment psychological tests or gamification. Adding a gamification element in recruitment brings real results. One of the examples of gamification in recruitment is Google Code Jam, Google’s largest programming competition. Gamified tests usually create job simulation experience and assess candidates’ skills and how they would deal with the work-related tasks. But could pre-employment psychological tests bring better results than gamification or gamified tests, and do they really work? Pre-employment Psychological Tests Pre-employment psychological tests are a scientific group of questions […]

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How to Find Out Who Actually Owns a Domain Name?

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Disclaimer: The information shared in this article is for information purposes only. The names of the companies and individuals used in these examples have been changed to protect their identities, and I am not implying that they are doing something wrong or illegal. My intention is to demonstrate how you can double-check who is behind the tools and raise awareness among web-application and web-tool users Dozens of new chrome extensions and web applications are brought to life every day. And if you work in the recruitment field, you know that every week you see some new tool that promises to make […]

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The Truth about ATS Friendly Resumes

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In 2019, I was preparing for my SourceCon presentation and I spent more than six months learning to understand how the big corporations were using their resume databases (ATS), how the candidates were selected and invited for an interview. I had dozens of avatar resumes that I was submitting with several customizations, to tailor the best resume that would get me an invitation to an interview. I started with that because I saw that several career coaches and so-called career coaches (and people with a huge network on LinkedIn) were selling jobseekers “ATS Ready templates” and giving them false hope […]

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Finding A New Recruitment Job During Pandemic

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Note: These tips are for recruiters and sourcers that lost job recently, but they are applicable to people working outside the recruitment field, as well. Both employers and employees are facing unprecedented times when conditions have changed a lot, if not drastically. And many people including recruiters lost their job during the pandemic, and they are struggling to find new ones due to travel restrictions or hiring freezes at many companies. While it may not be that easy to find a job these days, it is not impossible. You just need to change your strategy a bit, become more flexible, and […]

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Why Being Happy in the Workplace Matters

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Some time ago, one of the entrepreneurs posted this quote on their LinkedIn profile: “People work at their best when their backs are against the wall.” At first, I thought this post must be old, like from 1990, but when I checked the date, I saw it was posted in 2020. My other thoughts were, “His account must be hacked because what kind of leader believes and communicates this type of message in 2020. “Putting peoples’ backs against the wall” is an approach that belongs to the 19th century, and a leader who believes in this probably has no clue how to motivate others. Such […]

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How to avoid the mistakes of using a bad recruitment agency


As you probably know, that most recruitment agencies are working with a placement fee. Cooperation with them is free and you pay after you hire somebody from them. But have you ever thought about how much money your company spends prescreening and interviewing the wrong candidates that agencies are sending you? Employers often believe that when they use a recruitment agency, they will instantly get more candidates and it will save them money and time. However, have you ever analyzed the true costs of recruitment with an agency? What’s Your Time Worth? Recruitment takes time. And the administration involved in recruitment […]

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The Rise of Civil Society in the Time of Coronavirus

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Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion. Every crisis we have faced as mankind at the end brought us opportunities and change our lives. This invisible enemy, this pandemic, will change the way we travel, shop, and work for years to come. I hope it will bring more good than bad in the long run. But in this moment, it give us the opportunity to slow down and think for a moment what we want from our lives, if we are still happy at work and in our relationships, or if we should stop postponing our dreams and start following them […]

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The 6 Things Employees Want Most

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The internet is flooded with articles about what employees want, how to motivate them, what millennials want, and how to motivate them. I want to give you a different view of what employees want, something that is applicable to any generation that was is or will be. The things that I mention below in this article are universal, and I am sure that this will still be applicable in another hundred years. Jennifer J. Deal, a research scientist at Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, in her book Retiring the Generation Gap: How Employees Young & Old […]

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Protect your work from being stolen

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Writing an article can take a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks if you do research on the topic that you are planning to cover. As an author, I often stumble upon my articles across the Internet that were used without my permission. Sometimes, it’s just a couple of passages without giving me credit or it’s a translated article that is shared as another author’s “original work”. The worst is when people copy the whole text. When I use software to check blogs for stolen materials, it usually detects many instances of plagiarized text in their […]

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Why Employee Experience Is Important

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Did you know that a good employee experience affects the productivity and profitability of your company? In fact, productivity is not the only thing affected by it. Retention, engagement, revenue, work culture, and many other things are affected by the employee experience too! Many studies show that companies that invest in their employee experience are better places to work and that having a good employee experience leads to higher levels of enthusiasm, engagement, and involvement from the employees of your company. Jacob Morgan’s study shows that companies that invest in an employee experience outperform those that don’t. Image source: Why the Millions We Spend on Employee Engagement […]

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