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Trends that will impact recruitment in 2016

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I don’t like predictions, so I try not to get involved with them, because it’s a quick way of making yourself look like an idiot. But I was asked by a friend to make a “prediction” for this year so I hope that at the end of this year, nobody will find this list and tell me how wide of the mark I was. 🙂 Year 2016 will probably have many labels at the end, but if I can use only one label, it will be “Year of the candidate”. Candidates will be sitting in the driver’s seat; everything will […]

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How to Improve Your Candidate Experience

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The candidate experience it is not about the strength of your brand or a cool job description full of buzz words or amazing benefits. Attracting talent means treating candidates with respect, treating them as customers. They choose your company for an interview; they could easily choose your competitors. Some companies/agencies are still stuck with the mindset that candidates are just merchandise or a number and they treat their candidates so. I don’t share this belief because I think that candidates are our customers and that we as recruiters are trying to gain access to the company, turning these customers (candidates) […]

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The First Recruiter in the World

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Many people think that recruitment is a relatively new field and that the recruiter’s position is quite a new job role on the market. But recruitment is not such a modern industry, the first recruitment activities and techniques originate from ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Information about the first “recruiters” comes from around 55 BC, when the first referral program was also born. Julius Caesar offered three hundred Sestertii to any soldier recruiting another soldier to the Roman army. The payment represented 30% of a soldier’s yearly salary and is significantly higher than modern day agency fees; it was even […]

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The Paranoia of the Recruiter

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Disclaimer: This article is not going to be serious, but after you finish reading it, you will understand why recruiters are paranoid beings, why we sometimes act strange, and you will find out why it’s not our fault. And if you are a recruiter reading this article, do not take this article personally. It’s all in good fun. 🙂  “In this world only the paranoid survive.” Dean Koontz There are two types of recruiters out there: recruiters working for staffing agencies (including headhunters/freelancers) and recruiters working for companies. Their state of “paranoia” is very similar but there are a few slight differences. Agency Recruiter Most recruiters […]

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How to Pick the Best Applicant Tracking System

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What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)? Applicant Tracking System, a type of candidate management system, is software to track a candidate’s progress from sourcing to hiring. ATS is designed to help recruit employees more efficiently and help companies and staffing firms focus on growing by automating administrative tasks that usually cost time and money. ATS is not only an internal tool; when connected with your career website, ATS will become the communication point between candidates and your company. So you decided to throw out your Excel spread sheets and move your applicant tracking system on to the whole new level – […]

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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Hiring a Recruitment Agency

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As you probably know, that most recruitment agencies are working with a placement fee. Cooperation with them is free and you pay after you hire somebody from them. But have you ever thought about how much money your company spends prescreening and interviewing the wrong candidates that agencies are sending you? Employers often believe that when they use a recruitment agency, they will instantly get more candidates and it will save them money and time. However, have you ever analyzed the true costs of recruitment with an agency? What’s Your Time Worth? Recruitment takes time. And the administration involved in recruitment […]

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Gamify your recruitment process for better results

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Gamification is an innovative approach to engaging the right talent, and it works by encouraging these talents to engage in game-like behaviors and situations in non-game applications and scenarios. It will keep people (candidates) more engaged and make the whole recruitment process more fun, interesting, and creative. It is the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as various business and social impact challenges. So, it is companies taking tasks and making them to be more like a game. The selection process will be less stressful and it also can encourage a competitive attitude […]

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Don’t make decisions without big data

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What is Big Data? It’s an extreme volume of data, both structured and unstructured. It can be characterized by volume, variety, and velocity. Big data is important to companies because the more data they have, the more accurately they can analyze it. More accurate analyses may lead to better decision-making, greater efficiencies, increased risk control, and better results. Companies that are hungry for skilled employees need a streamlined way to find people who can fill open positions, including highly skilled positions like engineers and programmers. All companies face challenges when it comes to finding and hiring the best talent. That’s […]

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How to Attract Passive Candidates

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What is a Passive Candidate? A passive candidate is someone who is not actively looking for a new job opportunity. These candidates are currently employed, and they are often picky about their options. LinkedIn is full of passive candidates, and the total LinkedIn user base has 332 000 000 people worldwide. Every two seconds a new person joins LinkedIn. According to the latest LinkedIn Talent Trends report, 25% of people are actively looking for a new job, so that means that 75% of LinkedIn users are passive candidates. But finding 249 million passive candidates (75% of all users) on LinkedIn is not the […]

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Don’t Get Sucked into the Poisonous World of Counteroffers

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Despite the economy’s ups and downs, companies are trying to keep the best talent because they are not able to find and hire qualified workers fast enough. So that’s why counteroffers to employees who get job offers are becoming more common. And the main reason for making a counteroffer is to hold onto employees with hard-to-find skills. What is a counteroffer? A counteroffer happens when you have accepted another employment offer and your current employer comes back with new terms (salary, bonuses, senior role, etc.) If you faced any kind of problems, be open and communicate with your boss. Don’t […]

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