Deep and Dark Web – The hidden world of Recruitment


Every agency or corporate recruiter is using LinkedIn as a primary tool. It’s simple, fast, and you can reach candidates pretty easily. Other recruitment sources are job boards, Google, and so on. But not every great candidate is on LinkedIn, for various reasons, and not everyone can be found by Google X-ray because Google is not able to penetrate the whole internet and all forums. Since technical forums are quite often password-protected and therefore invisible to Google, Bing, or Baidu, you can only locate those by using Booleans and advanced operators. But you cannot always access these websites, because they […]

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Why it is important to follow your dreams

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Everybody has dreams, but are you going to add your dreams into this graveyard or are you going to turn your dreams into reality? What if your dreams are here for a reason? Dreams and How to Achieve Them Achieving dreams is the best route to happiness and satisfaction. Everybody has a big dream about their lives, but not only one dream; we have multiple dreams and things that we would like to achieve. But the problem is that too many great dreams cancel each other out. We are always trying to do more things at one time, working on […]

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What Is a Personal Brand and Why Do You Need One?

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Personal branding is how you present yourself to others. It is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. Personal branding is a powerful tool for professional success. Everybody brands the qualities that make them different and unique, moreover, building a recognizable personal brand opens new professional opportunities. During personal branding process your will have the opportunity to discover these qualities, strengthen them and market them. It’s just a process to raise your profile and show your talents to a wider audience. Your personal brand, like a company’s, is the image that employers connect with you. Your […]

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How to Transform Ordinary Employees Into Powerful Brand Advocates

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Your company can have a great product, perfect marketing, and amazing sales, but the only real asset that company has is their people. These people creating the brand of the company and benefits of a strong brand are tremendous. These days, employees are actively engaging on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ello, and many others. You can easily find everybody on Google and connected information with your company. And all your employees are part of your brand whether you like it or not. Employees can become your company’s most important and loyal brand ambassadors, but without proper training or strategy, […]

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How to use failure in your favor

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Thomas A. Edison was a great man, for some people he is a real inspiration. He developed many amazing devices that greatly influenced life around the world, he has 1,093 US patents in his name and his most well-known invention is the electric light bulb. For me he is also an inspiration, not because of all the amazing gadgets, but because he wasn’t afraid to fail. He knew that failure wasn’t a fatal thing. Actually, he knew that failure is required for innovation. Just ask yourself: “How many times have you looked back on your life, thought of mistakes you’ve […]

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Don’t Get Sucked into the Poisonous World of Counteroffers

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Despite the economy’s ups and downs, companies are trying to keep the best talent because they are not able to find and hire qualified workers fast enough. So that’s why counteroffers to employees who get job offers are becoming more common. And the main reason for making a counteroffer is to hold onto employees with hard-to-find skills. What is a counteroffer? A counteroffer happens when you have accepted another employment offer and your current employer comes back with new terms (salary, bonuses, senior role, etc.) If you faced any kind of problems, be open and communicate with your boss. Don’t […]

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