Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten. Full Stack Recruiter

Everything in our lives starts with an impulse, the impulse leads to the decision, and decision leads to a result. My first impulse almost a year ago was a quote from Maya Angelou: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

During our lives, we expand our knowledge to be better in what we do. And that’s why I spent the last few years trying to understand how to improve my sourcing and recruitment knowledge and even beyond that. I spent a little fortune on various training programs, events, and books to learn even more that I know now.

And during those few years I found many interesting articles, studies, and research that were connected with the recruitment industry, and every time I discovered some interesting information or thought I made a note into my Keep application. The number of notes was growing exponentially so my application started crashing when I was trying to add more notes. And this impulse evolved into a decision to try to turn this knowledge into a new book because I know that, in most cases, we never check our notes again.

The Process

I decided to do a revision of my book so I could just add the things I learned. And I told this plan to one of my friends and his response was, “Revision is where the magic happens.” I didn’t believe him at that time, but I had to admit that he was right; revision gives you the opportunity to review the mistakes you made, confirm the findings you made and back them up with more relevant data.

And my decision to do a revision of my first book led to a few results that I wasn’t expecting. The knowledge that I collected, methods I learned and the amount of text I wrote during those last two years was way more than I expected. And I decided not to do a revision but write an entirely new book. And that decision led to a result, and that result is my new book, The Full Stack Recruiter: The Ultimate Edition.

This new book is full of the latest Sourcing and Recruitment content that recruiters and sourcers should know. It’s not some extension of my previous books but completely reviewed content that more than thirty people from various fields helped me to review. You can see a list of all the chapters here.

When I made my decision to begin writing a new book, I started collecting information about the new topics I wanted to cover therein. I also took lots of courses and read hundreds of articles, studies, research, and any material I could find, so I could cover those topics in a book as well as possible. I didn’t want to share with my readers something I hadn’t tried myself or didn’t collect enough information about and not be able to provide enough sources to back up my findings.

As I mentioned before, I asked people from our various industries to give me feedback on those chapters I wrote, so at least two people were able to double-check every chapter and give me feedback if I didn’t cover something properly or I had shared some incorrect information. And it was crazy the amount of content, and because of the book limitation, I wasn’t able to add everything I wanted. And I didn’t realize how much text I wrote until I was putting all the content together as a first draft.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. —Dr. Seuss

What is Inside

This Ultimate Edition is a completely new book that will help you better to understand the sourcing methods and important recruitment topics. And like my previous book it’s divided into two parts: Sourcing and Recruitment.

My first book had 89 thousand words; the first draft of my new book had around 380,000 words. And the final version of The Full Stack Recruiter: The Ultimate Edition has 240,942 words, 762 pages, 17 chapters, and it’s full of the latest knowledge from the sourcing and recruitment world. Plus the extra content with 21,109 words that owners of this book can access via

In past years, readers of my previous books were constantly contacting me with an array of questions. They will find their answers in my new book; but certainly not only that. I put a lot of emphasis on putting individual information and procedures into a broader context, which should give a better understanding of why choosing which method, where, and when to use it, and how what we verify with our experience will help develop and enrich our professional competence.

Last Thoughts

In this book, I tried to cover, as much as possible, all that is important in our work, what helps us and thereby contributes to greater efficiency in the companies for which we work or to us if we are working as freelancers.

I tried to do my best to cover all those smart tips and methods and how you can expand your knowledge faster and find new ways if some method stops working. And because I believe in paying it forward back to the community that is not only supportive but has given me so much, you will discover one more surprise for you at the end of the book.

Last but not least, there are dozens of amazing people from the whole world that helped me with it, and many of them know how important this book is to me so I can’t thank them enough for their help and for their incredible motivation helped me to finish it. Their support during the year was just incredible!

You can preorder this book on any Amazon store or via the FullStackRecruiter website and it will be available from June 29th, 2020.

I do hope you will enjoy reading it.