Martin's First Day

Can you remember your very first day at school?

Whether you can or not, it is almost certain you were a bit uneasy, shy, fearful. Let’s make sure that your beloved preschooler will not feel this way. Let’s substitute these feelings with a “I cannot wait, it is gonna be so much fun!” sentence squealed joyfully.

Martin’s First Day at School helps kids overcome school-related fears in a relatable and sympathetic way. It gives your youngster an advantage of exploring the first day of school with Martin and his friends. They will show your little ones that school is about having a great time, enjoying learning, playing, meeting new friends, and… that there is nothing to worry about.

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Where to buy?

I self-published Martin’s First Day through KPD and Ingram Spark, so you can buy the paperback or hardcover version of my book via various sites. Below, you will find links to the Amazon store and a few others.

Amazon USA – Paperback  |  Hardcover

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