Going to school is one of the important milestones in a child’s life. But it can be unnerving to little ones, especially if they’re not used to being alone with strangers in an unfamiliar place for a few hours.

Parents can help make the first day of school less stressful or turn it into something that their kids can look forward to through storytelling. The author of this book does just that in his first children’s book Martin’s First Day. He recreates his own childhood memory of adjusting to school life for the first time through the story of a young rabbit named Martin.

I hope that the bunny’s own journey from self-doubt to positive expectation will help parents and children process the jitters that come with schooling. Discovering that nervousness is a normal feeling that can eventually be overcome will put kids at ease. Parents can also use storytelling time to let children express what’s in their hearts and give them the necessary emotional assurance.

Martins First Day Book
I self-published Martin’s First Day through KPD and Ingram Spark, so you can buy the paperback or hardcover version of my book via various sites. Below, you will find links to the Amazon store and a few others.

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