Why These 3 Apps Are Better Than LinkedIn

For many years, LinkedIn has been one of the major sources of candidates for most recruiters and companies, even though many articles, tips, and books have discussed how to source outside LinkedIn on other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

LinkedIn is still the place where recruiters start their search for candidates – and, in many cases, is the only place. Nevertheless, a few interesting solutions can help recruiters abandon the comfort zone of LinkedIn and find more candidates in other places.

Following are three tools that will help you find candidates who were hidden to you because those candidates don’t have profiles on LinkedIn.

All these apps will help you expand your search outside LinkedIn and give you more interesting information about candidates. Every application has a different focus, but all of them can be interesting solutions if you are looking for a way to replace LinkedIn or expand your search on other sites.

And because sharing is caring, in the comments, please say which tools you are using or which sources you prefer.


URL: https://talentwunder.com

This is a search engine that will help you search across 51 social networks with 1.6 billion profiles. The 51 social networks include sites like LinkedIn, Xing, Behance, Facebook, Meetup, GitHub, Twitter and more.

The great advantage of Talentwunder is that you have one dashboard for all your searches. You don’t have to use a unique string for every site, and you don’t need an account for every social network.

The “disadvantage” of this application is that you will no longer be able to use the excuse that you don’t have time to look for candidates on Twitter because you still have plenty candidates you need to reach on LinkedIn. Because of that, your search will be more quick and effective.

Talentwunder also lets you see a candidate’s willingness to change his or her job by using predictive analytics and social signals. You can also get information about their willingness to relocate to another city or country. That information can sometimes be very handy.


URL: https://hiringsolved.com

HiringSolved isn’t just an app that lets you find candidates who have a profile on the internet; it also combines billions of social data points into a global talent database with automated sourcing and candidate matching capabilities. TalentFeed+ enables HiringSolved’s technology to operate with customer ATS, CRM, and HRIS data.

As you know, for every recruitment agency or company, the ATS is still the best way to find suitable candidates. Whether you have thousands or millions of records in the system, HiringSolved will allow recruiters to find these candidates much faster than they did before. Also, this TalentFeed+ connection with your ATS will help you find candidates who were lost in your ATS for a few years.

HiringSolved also has an AI interface called RAI. RAI allows recruiters to operate HiringSolved’s software suite simply by talking to RAI, so RAI will be your private recruiting assistant. As with Talentwunder, HiringSolved will also show you how open the candidate is to changing their job or relocating.


URL: https://amazinghiring.com/

The third system is called AmazingHiring. It’s a quite interesting (and amazing) solution that focuses on profiles other than those on which the previous two systems focus.

AmazingHiring searches several websites and social networks (It’s about 60 sources, incl. social media and professional communities), but focuses much more closely on searching for technology candidates, particularly IT. If you are looking for a software developer, data scientist, system architect, UI/UX designer, managers, graphic designer, network administrator and so on, AmazingHiring is for you! Of course, you can also find other profiles, such as those of recruits who focus on technical positions.

IT specialists do not need to update their resumes or keep their LinkedIn profiles updated; even with outdated profiles, they will get lots of offers. That is why many people in that industry don’t spend their precious time on LinkedIn, but prefer to contribute to sites like GitHub and Stack Overflow. AmazingHiring allows you to search millions of profiles on these and other websites all over the world. Each candidate has a profile card in his/her system that is created by linking the candidate’s social profiles to more than 50 Internet sources. Every month, AmazingHiring extends its database to new profiles and adds candidates from other locations. If you’re a recruiter responsible for hiring people for the technical field, AmazingHiring should be one of your sourcing tools.

AmazingHiring has an incredibly intuitive dashboard and can be used by a recruiter who cannot create Boolean strings. The dashboard can also be used as a small ATS for managing candidates, allowing you to see which candidates you have already contacted, which candidates have already responded to you and which candidates are still in the process.

The AmazingHiring team is also behind the First European Hackathon, which was pretty amazing. You should keep eye on them more closely, so you don’t miss the next one or any other cool things from them.


All these systems could replace LinkedIn or be interesting additions to your sourcing tools. Maybe they won’t be complete replacements for LinkedIn at the moment, but they are already great sources of new candidates who aren’t on LinkedIn for a reason, or whose profiles on LinkedIn have minimal information.

Each application I mentioned has its pluses and minuses; it also depends on what candidates you are currently seeking.

All three systems will help you be more effective and find candidates who were hidden to you, especially when you were sourcing only on LinkedIn. If you’re leading a team, thanks to these applications, your colleagues will no longer be able to give you the excuse that they don’t have time to search on networks other than LinkedIn.

These apps are still evolving, and they are offering more things to recruiters, but if you would like to get out of your LinkedIn comfort zone, they’re worth a try.