Does Virtual Reality Have a Place in Recruitment?

What is the most “difficult” part of recruiting? The part when the selected candidates have to come for an in-person interview with the manager of the company. This is rather tricky because the company has to come up with a schedule that suits both the manager and candidates alike. Sometimes it means for a recruiter numerous valuable hours lost every year spent planning, inviting, and rescheduling.

Luckily, the advancement of technology comes to their aid, allowing them to check out potential candidates without scheduling any interviews. This can be possible with the help of virtual reality (VR), a technology that started revolutionizing the way we live and do business, and it will continue to put its imprint on many aspects of our lives. And as many stated it will disrupt the recruitment field.

How will virtual reality help the recruitment sector? Well, the aim is to interview potential candidates in the virtual environment provided by technology, without wasting time needed to schedule live interviews with each of them. Is this possible? It is, as more and more companies go for this option because it helps them save time and makes them more efficient at this process, shortening its duration and allowing the company to get back to its full potential and working power in no time.

Sounds quite amazing, do you think? BUT…. You probably read or hear similar things from companies that are trying to sell VR solutions or VR services to the recruitment industry.