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Inside a Recruiter’s Head: Finding the Best Employees

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Over the years, I’ve asked myself thousands of questions about how recruiters find and measure the potential of their candidates. What factors and criteria do they consider when conducting their search? How do they go about the search process? Are recruiters identifying candidates based on their potential or only factors like keywords and job titles? And I spent countless hours, weeks, and months trying to understand it better and get better insights into these mysteries. However, instead of finding clear answers, I encountered one puzzle after another. After conducting dozens of tests, I finally found answers to many of my […]

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How to Become a Google Search Guru

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There was a time, not so long ago, when people used the library for research. They would pore over dusty tomes, hoping to find the answer to their question. Today, of course, we have Google. Within seconds, we can find the answer to almost any question. Just a few taps on a keyboard and we have access to the sum of human knowledge. It’s no wonder that googling has become an essential life skill. But while googling may be easy, it’s not always accurate. The key to finding good results is to use the right keywords. A few general words […]

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The Shocking Truth About ATS Software

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“Studies have shown that up to 75% of qualified applicants are rejected by ATS programs because they can’t be read” (Source: Article posted March 18, 2014, on Forbes.) But is that true? Let’s have a close look at that statement. That Forbes article was written by the ‘founder of a resume service’, aka person behind a company that is helping people with their resumes for money. It was more of an advertisement than an article. On April 17, 2018, published another article that has been often quoted on the internet, like the Forbes one. That article included a statement, “Most companies […]

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Are You The Victim of Fake Linkedin Profiles?

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“Thanks” to sites like, spotting a fake profile picture is harder than before. Luckily there are articles like Which Face Is Real? or How to recognize fake AI-generated images that will help you to learn the difference and spot a fake profile photo within a few seconds. And if you spend enough time on site, which lets you test your ability to distinguish AI-generated profile photos from genuine ones, you will be able to spot a fake profile in no time. LinkedIn has a fake profile problem Microsoft’s social network also has a big problem with fake LinkedIn profiles and it is not getting […]

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Do You Really Want To Be Judged By A Machine?

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In today’s world, where everything is controlled by technology, it is impossible to consider recruitment without mentioning machine learning or Artificial intelligence (AI). It is not necessarily a negative thing because we live in a technologically advanced and exciting time. But don’t you think everything comes with drawbacks? There are a plethora of AI tools available that control everything from interviewing candidates to hiring them. Many companies use AI interview systems as gatekeepers to assess their applicants before candidates even have a chance to speak with a human. Of course, these tools come with many benefits, from saving time to […]

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Why Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

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A company’s culture can vary across different locations and departments. But there’s one thing they all have in common if our managers or our colleagues are creating a toxic and depressing environment for us, we are unproductive. On the other hand, if our work environment is positive and filled with excitement, our production is higher than ever before. Evidence proves that a positive work culture results in more productivity and profitability for companies. It boosts employee engagement, which in turn increases business outcomes. It has been shown that businesses that are highly engaged experience up to 40% less absenteeism and achieve […]

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How To Make Sure Your Hiring Process Is Successful

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Hiring managers and recruiters have a shared goal: to hire the best people and fill the role as fast as possible. Having a common goal and working in the same company should theoretically turn hiring managers and recruiters into best buddies. Yet the reality is too often otherwise — in many cases, there is friction in their cooperation caused by different expectations from each side, and one doesn’t always understand the other’s role in the process. At times, this can make cooperation difficult. While they are both trying to fill the position as soon as possible, hiring managers’ expectations are sometimes not […]

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One Skill That Every Recruiter Needs in 2019

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Making any prediction is not easy because you can only predict the things you can influence, or you can make a prediction based on the information you have sooner than others, and people will believe that you predicted that. The rest of the projections you are reading on the internet are just guesses, and that’s why most predictions that people made during 2018 never turned out to be correct, especially not in recruitment. That’s why recruitment didn’t die in 2018 as many people tried to predict; A.I. did not replace recruiters in sourcing and interviews are not done only through […]

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How to Find Private Information Online

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Sssshhhh, I have a secret, but you can’t tell anyone, deal? As Thomas Powers said: “The first rule in keeping secrets is nothing on paper: paper can be lost or stolen or simply inherited by the wrong people; if you really want to keep something secret, don’t write it down.” We can customize that quote a little bit by replacing “paper” with “computer.” Every company is working hard to protect their data, and they are training their people on how to do this adequately. Companies are also using many tools to prevent data leaks that could potentially hurt their business or reveal their plans […]

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How long does a recruiter look at your resume?

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The most challenging part of applying for a job is obtaining an interview and getting the chance to talk to your employer in person. But you need to send your resume first and hope that it is good enough to land you that interview. You see, employers, especially big corporations, receive a high number of resumes when they announce an open position. As you may suspect, the employer doesn’t have the time to read all the resumes that come in, so they will be quickly scanned in order to see if a candidate is worth a more in-depth analysis. This […]

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