Unlock the Power of Social Selling with this CRM

Do you often receive LinkedIn messages requesting a chat without much context or a proper introduction? Messages like, “Hey there, Jan! Can we chat for a bit about potentially collaborating with our agency? When would be a good time for us to chat?

It’s common to receive such messages on LinkedIn, so don’t worry – you’re not alone! However, the constant outreach from strangers can sometimes feel intrusive, similar to being aggressively approached by someone on the street asking for money.

This approach is highly ineffective, as most people often ignore it. To receive any response, you need to reach out to dozens of individuals, and perhaps hundreds to initiate cooperation.

Based on my conversations with recruiters, approximately 80% of individuals do not respond to these messages. Furthermore, a very small portion of people will even consider working with those who reach out to them like this, primarily due to a lack of prior interaction.

So, what can be done differently? The answer lies in social selling!

What is Social Selling

Social selling is about building authentic relationships with clients and prospects using social media. By creating meaningful relationships with potential clients or collaborators through social media platforms, you can establish trust and rapport that may lead to long-term business relationships.

To achieve better results, it’s important to understand your audience’s needs and provide valuable content that motivates them to act. Engaging with them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help you identify their interests and preferences.

Rather than using generic outreach messages, explore social selling strategies to build stronger and more meaningful connections with your target audience.

Unlike traditional selling methods, social selling isn’t about pushing products or services. Instead, it’s about establishing trust and building strong relationships that lead to long-term sales success.

By adopting social selling strategies, you can position yourself as an industry thought leader and trusted advisor, making it easier to close deals and retain loyal customers.

Social Selling In Recruitment

Social selling is also increasingly valuable in the recruitment space. By using social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, to engage with potential candidates, recruiters can build relationships, establish trust, and encourage them to apply for job openings.

In this context, social selling can entail offering useful career advice, highlighting interesting industry news, or even congratulating a candidate on a work anniversary or recent achievement.

By doing so, recruiters can establish a presence and a reputation as a reliable resource, making it easier to attract top talent and break through the noise of so-called influencers and other “experts”.

Social selling is about establishing trust and authenticity with your audience. By providing your followers with relevant and engaging content, answering their questions and being responsive to their needs, you build a rapport that drives engagement and ultimately, sales.

The Benefits of Social Selling

Social selling is effective for a number of reasons, including:

  • The rise of social media: As more and more people turn to social media to research potential purchases or stay connected with brands they love, businesses that are active on social media have a distinct advantage in terms of visibility and engagement.
  • The value of social proof: Social selling leverages the concept of social proof, which suggests that people are more likely to buy a product or service if they see others doing the same. By building a robust presence on social media, a business can showcase its products or services to a wider audience and establish credibility in the eyes of potential customers.
  • The power of relationship building: Social selling is all about building relationships with your audience. By being responsive to their questions, concerns and needs, you establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry. As you continue to engage with your followers and provide value, you increase the likelihood that they will eventually become customers.
  • The agility of social media: Social media platforms allow businesses to be nimble, responding to trends or customer needs in real-time. By leveraging the speed and flexibility of social media, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and deliver content that resonates with their audience.

Social Selling Is Effective

If someone contacts you a few days after engaging with your posts, such as liking or commenting, there is a higher possibility that you will have a positive perception of them because you recognize their name.

Even if you’re not currently open to collaborating, they might be the first person you think of when you are in the future. It’s certainly more effective than reaching out to hundreds of people with a generic “let’s jump on a call” message. Social selling really does seem to be the way to go.

For a long time, I have been searching for a reliable CRM that caters to both LinkedIn and social selling needs. While trying out various tools available in the market, I discovered Breakcold and have been using it for a while now. In my opinion, it has proven to be an excellent CRM tool.

As someone who enjoys sharing the latest tech trends with others, I thought I would share my thoughts on Breakcold. Let me know your views, and if you have any suggestions for other cool tools, please feel free to share them with me!

The Best Social Selling CRM and Sales Pipeline Management Tool

Breakcold is the ultimate social selling and sales CRM platform designed to streamline your sales pipeline, maximize your prospecting efforts, and optimize your LinkedIn outreach.

Although this tool is primarily designed for sales, it can also be very useful for recruiters and anyone else looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that’s effective on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The features and capabilities of this tool can be tailored to specific needs, making it a versatile solution for anyone looking to build and manage relationships on social media.

Breakcold is more than just a CRM; it’s an all-in-one social selling platform designed to revolutionize your sales process. With an intuitive interface, Breakcold’s easy-to-use sales pipeline management tool adapts to your prospects’ positions in the sales funnel, ensuring that you’re engaging with the right people at the right time.

One of the things I like about Breakcold is that it allows you to easily see the timeline of your prospects and get the information you need without having to navigate through all of the irrelevant noise on LinkedIn, like people holding up whiteboards with random quotes, TikTok videos, or contextless posts generated by ChatGPT.

This makes it much easier to focus on what’s important and build a relationship based on relevant information.

Breakcold Features

Prospecting Feed: Engage Prospects and Existing Clients with Ease

One of Breakcold’s standout features is its innovative Prospecting Feed. This powerful tool consolidates LinkedIn and Twitter posts from your prospects and their companies, allowing you to like and comment on their content in one convenient location.

You can build relationships and improve customer retention by engaging with your prospects in a personalized and authentic way.

Unified Messaging: Connect with Prospects Across Platforms

Breakcold’s platform allows you to send emails, LinkedIn messages, and Twitter DMs all from one place, ensuring that you stay top of mind with your warm prospects. By drawing inspiration from your prospects’ social media posts, you can hyper-personalize your messages without having to spend countless hours on prospect research.

LinkedIn Integration: Manage Breakcold CRM Directly from LinkedIn

With Breakcold’s Google Chrome extension, you can effortlessly manage your CRM right from LinkedIn. Create opportunities, manage deals, and move leads between different lists with ease, ensuring that you stay organized and efficient as you navigate the world of social selling.

Team Collaboration: Engage Prospects on Behalf of Your Teammates or Clients

Breakcold’s platform allows you to choose which team member you want to engage with prospects, making it an excellent collaboration and client management tool.

Whether you’re managing multiple client accounts for lead generation or working closely with your sales team, Breakcold has you covered.

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Automated Email Sequences: Contact Warm and Cold Prospects Effortlessly

Breakcold’s automated email sequences allow you to send cold emails that actually get replies, helping you generate more leads while you focus on larger accounts manually through social selling. By automating the process of contacting both warm and cold prospects, Breakcold ensures that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

CRM for Social Selling

By engaging with others, particularly influencers in your industry, and sharing relevant content, you can attract new LinkedIn followers and connections. Making your presence known helps increase your visibility.

Creating a targeted feed with key prospects allows you to interact with their posts by liking and commenting. Sending a connection request after a period of time can increase the likelihood of its acceptance.

As the recipient would recognize you, the connection request would not be viewed as coming from a stranger. This social “warming up” of leads can also improve the response rate for any messages you send.

Even if a new prospect isn’t interested in your product or service, add them to your CRM and periodically engage with their posts to remain at the forefront of their mind. This gentle follow-up strategy can occasionally lead to them initiating contact with you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use this CRM to prospect clients or candidates, Breakcold is the top choice for social selling on LinkedIn and other platforms. Its all-in-one approach streamlines your sales process, maximizes your prospecting efforts, and optimizes your social selling strategy.

Whether you’re a sales professional seeking better results or a business in need of a more efficient sales pipeline management solution, Breakcold is the ultimate fix. Don’t miss out on the chance to supercharge your social selling game with Breakcold today, as the social selling approach outperforms the old-school outreach approach every single time.