Dear Santa 2015

Dear Santa, (feel free to replace Santa with Ježíšek, Ježiško, Joulupukki, Hoteiosho, Jultomten etc.)

I am sorry that I am writing this so late, I know you have probably already prepared all the gifts for children across the globe, but the reason I am writing to you is because I would like a gift too. It’s not an object, just a small request – well maybe it is a big request, but I have heard children say that you can do wonders, so I have decided to give it a shot – maybe you can make my wish come true.

And since you have so many positive reviews from kids who say that you are magical creature, I believe it won’t be such a big problem for you to grant.

If you can make these things happen next year, that would be great!

  • I hope that recruiters stop using “LinkedIn articles” to post jobs and they understand that it does not work. Instead of the job posting they will create content that will bring value not only to other recruiters, but also to other readers. If we can create a less wasteful and more efficient information market, everybody wins.
  • LinkedIn is going to fix their “LinkedIn inbox” next year, because they like their users and customers and they listen to them. And because everybody wants the old version back and the customer is always right, the inbox will be improved based on our feedback.
  • Candidates will understand that we always enjoy speaking with them, but it is not always possible to have an interview with them after 7 PM, and that we also have families and we would also like to spend the time with our significant others without having to work all the time.
  • More recruiters will understand that candidates are not only customers, but also people. We will treat them with the respect that they deserve, and we will treat a janitor with the same respect as a CEO.
  • As recruiters we are all going to start a process of contacting candidates with relevant positions after we read their profile and not before. We are stop looking for shortcuts, we are professionals.
  • All recruiters are going to find time to reply to candidates. They have spent their time applying for the role, so recruiters will spend some of their time giving some feedback. Even if it’s only mass e-mail from an applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s still feedback.
  • Recruiters are going to spend less time behind all the technology gadgets and spend more time speaking with real people. It’s easy to send an e-mail, but it’s even easier to use the phone.
  • Recruiters are going to be more creative, so we will see more creative ads on LinkedIn instead of pictures of cats, food and quotes by dead people.
  • Agency recruiters are going to cease beginning every single advertisement with “For our valuable client we are looking…” Every client should be valuable, if the client is not a “valuable client”, why are they working with him?
  • We will try to help our candidates, even if they do not succeed at the interview. Even a small piece of advice could help them and could mean a lot to them. If we help others, the world will be a better place for everybody.
  • Last but not least, all recruiters realize that our work is the best work in the world; a perfect combination of recruitment, marketing, sales, information technology etc.; they will happier and satisfied with their jobs even more than they are today.

Santa, can you can help us to make recruitment great again?

I know it’s a big request and it looks like a lot of work, and you probably don’t exist, but I still believe in miracles, and you never know what might happen when you want something really intensely. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this task, there are many good recruiters, and they will try to help you with this; they are trying to make recruitment great again too.

If I am asking for too much and you can’t grant my wish, you can bring me something else, I am not too picky. I already asked you like twenty times to bring me a light-saber, but I still haven’t got one, so I am not expecting to get a light-saber this year either, so socks are also fine.

Happy holiday to you and to everybody!