The Amazing Power of Networking

Networking is vital in our daily lives. From the technological aspect where computers are networked in an office, to the interpersonal relationships we create daily, networking has proven to be a major development tool. Networking is critical to the growth and development of personal brands, businesses and individuals. Whether you are an employer, employee or recruiter, networking is a vital tool through which you can advance any stage of your current endeavour.

In the techno-sphere, without networking, a lot of things would lag behind. It helps to share information between users using the same network.

The importance of networking cannot be understated. Networking affects our lives personally, and this is evident from the proliferation of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The essential function of these sites is to enable people to meet each other and share experiences, pictures, and moments etc. Since the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “networking” is sharing, then you can begin to understand that it crosses the path of various lives and disciplines.

One major importance of networking is that it gives you the opportunity to meet people. Since we are considering the formal concept of networking, getting to know people is fundamental to the first step in broadening your horizon within an organization. When you know people, you can then begin to share aspects of life. As an individual, you are the one doing the networking, so it is important for you to prioritise meeting people. Once you begin to network, either in your workplace or at events held by other organizations, you are beginning to broaden your mind set.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”
– Zig Ziglar

Networking is important because it also opens up opportunities. As stated above, when networking, you meet people, and you may not know everything about them initially, but as your knowledge about the people you meet broadens, opportunities will present themselves to you. This aspect of networking – opportunity – is constant, in that there is always a guarantee that opportunities will present themselves. You may not know exactly how, but it is certain that these opportunities will present themselves. It is up to you to seize these opportunities when they arise. Furthermore, networking allows you to share ideas and knowledge.

While networking, you will come in contact with a lot of people, which creates an avenue down which to share ideas and knowledge. As an employer, networking, meeting and sharing ideas with fellow employers will add to your organisational characteristics. No one is an island of knowledge, so it is always good to share ideas and discuss points of view. You may not know it, but you may need to hear someone else’s point of view in order to undertake that herculean task which has been making you restless. Networking also boosts your confidence. When you network frequently and hold discussions with people you don’t know, your confidence is boosted. As a recruiter, you need to understand that your experience ends where someone else’s experience begins, so talking to fellow recruiters frequently can help boost your confidence and you will learn something. Increased confidence will then motivate you to assert yourself in your chosen field. There is no downside of increased confidence, it only brings positivity.

When you network constantly, your confidence increases and this helps to raise your profile. In a formal setting, employers and employees of various organisations know each other, as company meals or social gatherings are often organized. If you are someone who networks often, then you will be recognised by many people. This recognition in turn helps shape the thinking of people towards you. There is no telling where your reputation will take you to, but rest assured, networking creates positives.

“Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, your uniqueness, what you stand for”
–  Christine Comaford-Lynch

Networking as a recruiter.

For us networking is a great tool, as stated above, it can help boost reputation and lead to referrals, it can open opportunities for you, and it increases your knowledge in the field of recruiting. Networking is an important tool in learning about the market, the competition, potential candidates and current trends. Networking in a formal setting means attending professional events in order to socialize. The fast-paced global evolution of business has ensured that if you don’t network, then you are in danger of being left behind.

This is not just for recruiters, but employers and employees alike. It is important to treat every interaction in your everyday life as a networking opportunity. Do not enter into a conversation with the mindset that nothing can come out of it, that is a fatal error.

As a recruiter, networking is essential to your success. Through networking you can learn about any new development within your field, you will meet old colleagues and share insights, and finally, you can identify potential highly skilled individuals available for hire. All these will contribute immensely to your growth, development and success as a recruiter. Networking will ensure that you understand what is trending in your niche. You do not want to be left behind, and networking will ensure that you are not. With networking, you will meet those leading the pack in your field, and your interaction with them will help develop your skills and knowledge. Potential business associates, who will need your services are there for the taking too.

“Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful.”
– Edward Norton

Finally, do not mislead yourself into thinking that socializing is not for professionals. It is for everyone. If you want your reputation to increase, your skills to improve, your knowledge to be vast, and your success to be great, then you need to network! (Do not confuse a professional lunch invitation with a date.) Networking could also help you to meet interesting people and find new friends.

Perhaps someone you haven’t even met yet is wondering what it’d be like to know someone like you.