Why it is important to follow your dreams

Everybody has dreams, but are you going to add your dreams into this graveyard or are you going to turn your dreams into reality? What if your dreams are here for a reason?

Dreams and How to Achieve Them

Achieving dreams is the best route to happiness and satisfaction. Everybody has a big dream about their lives, but not only one dream; we have multiple dreams and things that we would like to achieve. But the problem is that too many great dreams cancel each other out. We are always trying to do more things at one time, working on different dreams in one moment, with every dream pushing us into a different direction. And usually, we are not going anywhere and we feel endlessly conflicted.

Ask yourself: What is your biggest dream? And what will you do to achieve it?

Some of us have so many dreams in our minds, we don’t know where to start. Whether the decision be to run a marathon, swim with sharks or run with bulls, fulfillment always starts with the identification of one single goal. Pick one of your goals and then set out to accomplish it. Most people are failing because their focus is spread in too many directions. If you have one big dream, you are going in one direction and you are moving quickly to reach it.

The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream. – Les Brown

Steps to find out what your dreams are:

Write them down.

Think about them and write them all down. On paper they will be more real than in your head. When you see all of them, pick the biggest one that you would like to achieve.

Believe it is achievable.

Optimism is absolutely required for dream fulfillment. If you believe it’s possible, then it is possible. End of story.

Do your research.

Google the stories relating to your dream. Inspire yourself by stories of people who have done or are doing what you want to do. Find out how they followed their own dreams and you can learn how you can do it.

Aim higher.

Don’t settle with small goals, always try to achieve more. Big goals are going to motivate you and even if you do not get 100% results, you will still be amazed by the outcome.

Focus on important things.

Anything which isn’t top priority now can be done later. Watch out for other things that you also want. You can work on these later, but the priority should be only the one goal, one dream.

Say NO to other opportunities.

Say no to all the other opportunities that life presents to you. If you are spending your time on parties, you are taking your time away from working on your dream. I know it’s not easy.

Ask for help.

On the way you will be facing a few obstacles. But don’t let your pride be the one obstacle that keeps you from your goal. Ask for help. Every person or piece of information could play a significant role in helping you to accomplish your dream. But you only need one person in this world to believe in you – yourself.

Identify obstacles.

You need to ask yourself, what is really important for achieving your dreams? Are you doing this because you would like to get respect, impress your girlfriend/boyfriend, or earn enough money so you don’t have to work after you are 40 years old? Try to find what is stopping you from following your dream.

Set goals, prepare the plan.

Create plans and set clear goals and how to reach them. This plan with goals becomes your road map, and with every milestone you will see how close you are to your dream. Write out a small, measurable, action step so that you have your plan to make the dreams your reality!

Set a deadline.

Deadlines force us to take the action. If you would like to run a marathon, you need to start preparing for that, and you can have plan to run a marathon within six months. Mark every success in your calendar and you will see your improvement and how close you are to your goal. A dream without a deadline is just a wish.

Why are people not following their dreams?

It will take a lot of time.

Yes, it will take time and some dreams can take more time than you expected. Some of my dreams took me two to five years to achieve them. Some dreams will take me 10 years, but there is no reason to let them go. To follow your dreams is hard work and it will take time, so be prepared for this.

I wonder what people will think about me and my dreams.

Achieving your dream is not easy and there will be lots of people around you who are going to tell you, you are going to fail, it’s a stupid idea, etc. It’s going to happen, but it is really important to honor your dream and follow your path. While at the same time you can encourage the dreams of those around you. Sometimes the way you chose to follow your dream could be totally different from what’s expected by those around you. Your dreams and your actions define you. If you do what others tell you to do, then you’re letting them define you. “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.” (Les Brown)

It is a hell of a lot of fun proving the world wrong, so why would you listen to other people?

Jack Mafounder of Alibaba Group, presented his idea to 24 friends. 23 out of the 24 friends told him to drop the idea, for a multitude of reasons like: ‘you do not know anything about the internet;’ ‘you do not have the start-up capital for this,’ etc. He followed his dream, worked hard, and the result is his highly successful internet-based businesses.

Roger Bannister (runner) – In the 1940s, the mile record was 4:01, and for many years it was widely believed to be impossible for a human to run one mile in under four minutes. It was believed that the four minute mile was a physical barrier that no man could break. On the 6th of May 1954, during an athletic meeting, Roger Bannister ran a mile. Everyone believed that the four-minute mile was impossible. Everyone, except Bannister. Bannister had finished in 3:59.4. He broke the world record and did what so many believed was impossible. When the barrier was broken, other runners saw that it was possible and then 16 runners went on to do they same. His record lasted only 46 days after John Landy beat his time.

I have different priorities now.

Remember when you decided you wanted to learn to play piano, improve your French, etc? (Replace “playing piano, improve your French” with anything else.) But then you were distracted by something or somebody else? Why did you stop? Don’t stop chasing your dreams or replace them by the dreams of somebody else. Don’t say “I will work on my dreams tomorrow.” What is not started today is never finished tomorrow, stay focused.

Its unrealistic.

What exactly does “unrealistic” mean? You are not able to reach your dream because of money, experience, or you to will need more people to help you to reach your goal? And how do you know it’s unrealistic? Did you ever try to work on that? You tried and failed? Well, that can be a good thing, as long as you try again and learn from your mistakes. But be realistic, if your dream is to run a marathon, it’s unrealistic to sign up for one next week unless you’ve already done several months of training. But if you want to do it, just try it. Running a marathon starts with running one mile.

I dont have money for it.

If you don’t have money for it, any savings, you need to plan how to get them. You can find investors. People might be amazed by your dream, and they can help you for free or land you the money. You need to start creating the opportunity and they can lead you in some amazing places with inspiring people. We fear failure and the unknown, or that we will need to start over, but there are no guarantees in life. The only thing that will be there is regret if you are not going to try to pursue your dream.

I am too old.

You are never too old to dream. Age means nothing when you know what you want. And if you have courage to try, get it!

Why to follow your dreams?

Following your dreams helps you to take risks, keeps you thinking big, keeps you motivated, and gives you a reason to get out of bed every morning. Pursuing them will help you to develop new skills as you will be required to do things you’ve never done before, you going to meet interesting people and try new things. And it will help you to believe the unbelievable, and see the possible in the seemingly impossible.

  • You’ve always wanted to follow your dream!
  • If you don’t chase your dreams, you will regret it later.
  • You will realize the incredible things you are capable of doing.
  • You’ll experience things you never could have imagined during the pursuit of your dream. You will meet amazing people; maybe even the love of your life.
  • If you don’t follow your dreams, you destroy your dreams; it’s really simple.
  • Chasing your dreams will develop your courage. It’s going to help you in life and at some point your dream will mean so much to you that nothing can stop you from achieving it.
  • Following your dreams doesn’t always turn out as you planned, but trust me, that makes them even more memorable.
  • You become an inspiration and your dreams will inspire others to follow their dreams.
  • People remember those who follow their dreams. So if you want to be remembered, you need to follow your dreams.
  • Every day you will learn new things.
  • Because no one is going to follow your dreams for you.

I am not saying that you need to throw everything out, change your job and start working only on your dreams. Do what gives you joy, but dreams can give your life purpose and following them can be fun. If you have big or small dreams, never give up on them! And don’t allow failure to kill your dreams. Keep dreaming!

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

What’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams? What are your dreams?