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Recruitment isn’t a 9 to 5 job, it’s 24/7

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The work of a recruiter goes beyond the expected nine-to-five hassle of corporate life. Most recruiters put their sweat and toil into getting the right candidate. It’s no surprise that many recruiters begin each day well planned, only to end up in complete disarray as many unexpected activities spring up and nearly drive them insane. Unfortunately, many job seekers see recruiters as annoying or unnecessary intermediaries for their next job. But the reality is quite different. Although the recruiting process looks like merely matching people with available job openings, a lot of strategic, personal and analytic skills go into managing […]

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Recruiting is Full of Innovation

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Every day we are bombarded by the news that something new was made or developed. New methods were discovered; a new process we need to follow; we hear almost everywhere that our world is evolving and that some things become old while new things emerge and make our lives better. And many people are more than happy to embrace new things as they make our lives more comfortable, allowing us to work more efficiently and enjoy better use of our resources. It is enough to take a look at how technology has advanced, and we will understand what new and […]

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Why Transparency is Important in Employer Branding

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Transparency matters to your employer brand. The reputation of your organization as an employer is your employer brand. The difference between an empty nest and a flow of talented candidates also depends on how strong your employer brand is. Top-tier candidates, no matter which post they’re looking to fill, want a clear understanding of your business. There are many competitive job options available. It’s the transparency of your employer brand that will influence their decision. When choosing their future employers, talented job seekers are now exercising greater discretion. The information age has not only helped consumers researching products before purchase […]

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Five simple ways to get rid of annoying recruiters once and for all

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Are you getting so many LinkedIn invites that you wish to delete your LinkedIn profile? Then I will show you five easy tricks to limit the number of invitations you receive and hide your LinkedIn profile from recruiters. Disclaimer: If you follow any of this advice, you could miss a great job opportunity (especially from me) ;), and your profile is still not going to be 100% invisible. Even if you delete your LinkedIn profile, your data is already on the internet, and there is always a possibility that recruiters will find you. Five Ways to Limit the Number of LinkedIn […]

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It’s Not About Years of Experience

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If we start reading job advertisements from various industries, we will see that employers require experience in most of these ads. We see things like “at least five-plus years’ experience,” “ten-plus years’ experience in a similar role,” etc. In some cases, it makes sense to inform a candidate how much experience is needed for the position. One year of experience is not considered sufficient in most cases, while no experience whatsoever makes finding a job for young people a real challenge. There are highly talented people out there who may be just perfect for the job you have within your […]

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How to Use the Psychology of Color in Recruitment

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You might have already learned about how typography influences readers and how people could be influenced through different content formats. But did it ever occur to you that there is a connection between colors and the reactions you can obtain from your reader, candidates or customer niche? If this isn’t an aspect you have considered so far, you have to start taking it into account when it comes to your marketing and branding strategies. You no longer have to choose certain colors for a marketing campaign, for example, just because you think they look nice, as you also have in mind the effects […]

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Why Storytelling is a Powerful Tool for Recruiters

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Since the beginning of time, we’ve told stories to share ideas, events, and knowledge. Storytelling is one of the oldest ways to get people together. Back in the days when there was no TV, internet or other perks specific to our modern society, people used to gather and tell stories of what they saw, heard or experienced. Every culture has used stories as a means to connect, to inform and entertain. Things haven’t changed much, we still enjoy listening to a good story, and this fact helps when looking to retain talents and hire the people you want in your […]

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Don’t Waste Your Time Looking For The Perfect Hire

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Most companies are in search of the ‘perfect hire’ for their open roles. It’s understandable because every company requires the ‘best fit’ employees to thrive. Top achievers are the backbone of any business. Therefore, after successfully hiring these stellar candidates, companies can then pat themselves on the back, knowing they have the best hands on deck. But the reality is far from that: the perfect hire doesn’t exist. It’s almost a myth. In reality, a company can only hire the ‘best’ that is available on the market — in a pool of interested candidates, not the best available in the industry. […]

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How Bad Candidate Experience Is Costing You Money

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The recruiting process is essential for every business as it helps in finding the right talents that are going to help the company grow and be more successful. And as all business owners know, finding these talents is not an easy task. In fact, it is not easy at all, as this is a process that takes time and resources. If you are not a large and well-known company, it is quite difficult to attract and retain talents because you need to prove that you can offer an excellent working culture and opportunities for the future, besides just providing a decent […]

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The Enemy Of Every Recruiter: How To Fight Back

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The worst enemy of any recruiter or sourcer is not the candidate, hiring manager or competitor. Not even time is our biggest enemy. The worst enemy of every recruiter is a habit. Habits are far worse than any mistakes we make. Our work habits determine how productive we are, and they affect how successful we are in finding and acquiring candidates. They also shape the type of strategies we use every time we get to work. But sometimes the habits we utilize become old and useless in the ever-changing and progressive world of recruitment. It’s usually at this point that […]

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