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No more human bias… ?

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There is a growing trend: to remove the human element from the recruiting process through a complete reliance on technology. Of course, technology has its immense merits in recruitment today. The ease, speed, and effectiveness it brings have grown candidate sourcing and hiring over the decades. However, in the age of a speed-addicted, tech-demanding generation, where recruiters are more inclined to crunch numbers and spam candidates, the human aspect of recruiting is steadily fading out. Unsurprisingly, this idea has seemingly become the lynchpin of the sales pitch for more than a few HR technology companies, a never-ending stream of dialogue surrounding the […]

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Sourcer, you mean Sorcerer, right?

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“So, what do you do?” is one of the first questions you will hear in every conversation with your relatives, friends you haven’t seen for a long time or people you just recently met. The question seems simple, but sometimes the answer is not easy to answer. Many jobs require almost no additional explanation. If you are going to say that you are a police officer, doctor or teacher, there is no need to add more information, but saying that you’re a working as a sourcer very often requires much follow-up information. Most people don’t know what a sourcer does, so the […]

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WHY is more important than WHERE

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Every talent acquisition team is tracking various types of information about their applicants, like from which website the candidate came, how long the registration process took, how long the candidate is in the process for this particular role, time to fill, cost per hire etc. All these statics and data are helping recruiters to identify weak points in their process and recruitment strategy. They are also able to easily understand which sources are working the best and if they are spending their budget effectively on these sources. But is the source from WHERE candidates applying still the most important information that recruiters […]

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Why 2018 won’t be a year of AI

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Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. Yet many of us are trying to predict what the future in recruitment is going to look like. Because knowing what the future will bring us also gives us the advantage that we all are looking for. Many predictions from last year were about AI (artificial intelligence) and chatbots. AI was quite a topic during the whole of 2017 and I am sure that it will still be a hot topic during 2018. But I don’t think that during 2018 AI will dominate as many predicted. Bear with me here, […]

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Candidate Loyalty – Five Ways How To Improve It

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If you are getting thousands of candidates applying for your jobs, you’re probably not concerned about candidate loyalty, so you can focus on other things. But, the impact of candidate loyalty on the recruitment industry has taken center stage recently. There’s no doubt we are in a progressive digital age where candidates can conveniently jump ship to other recruitment options at the click of a single button. Getting the loyalty of job seekers involves finding what works, improving on it, and then sticking to it. Candidate loyalty is hard to find Of course, today’s candidates have become extremely meticulous in […]

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The Secret To Becoming A Full Stack Recruiter

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A few years ago, I started writing articles here on LinkedIn, at first just for fun and because I like to write and share. The reason why I continued with it was that I was trying to turn my writing into a habit, so I tried to write something small every week – just a few lines of text, one page. I was planning to write something bigger, but I had to start with something small. I had to create this habit because even though I was motivated to write my first book, without everyday discipline, that would be impossible. […]

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Six Reasons Why You Need to Stop Looking for Unicorns

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“The unicorn is a legendary creature. A beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.” (Wikipedia’s description of unicorns.) We are living in the century of labels, everything has one. And because of that recruiters gave the “Unicorn label” to candidates that are very hard to find. Very often it is impossible to find them because they do not exist. If you’re still looking for unicorns, here are few reasons why you should stop. 1) You don’t like to waste your time Time is something that we all have the same amount of. It doesn’t matter if […]

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What You Need to Know About Salary Information in Job Ads

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Every person on this planet gets a job not only to satisfy his or her need for a career but also to earn enough money to live decently and enjoy a certain degree of comfort. While salary counts for a job candidate, there is always the question of whether it is right to share salary information in a job advertisement. There has been an ongoing discussion for years about this topic and the PROS and CONS of sharing salary information in job ads. Most candidates want to know that information before they apply for a role, but most companies and […]

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Recruitment: It’s Not as Easy as It Seems

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Professional recruitment Services offer convenience to hiring companies because they take the burden of the extensive process off the shoulders of the company looking to fill positions. But only recruiters worth their salt can offer end-to-end recruitment success. People look at recruiters and think of someone who has the power and influence to transform their lives into something better. Companies turn to recruiters hoping they can do something about their job vacancies. And they do – by coming up with the best possible solution for both parties, matching talents with the company’s needs. Many people believe that anybody can be […]

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Recruitment Industry is Dying. Really?

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Working as a recruiter is a job without any future prospects. The recruitment industry has an uncertain future because recruitment will die… soon. Recruiters will be replaced by Artificial intelligence (AI), clever algorithms will pair the right candidates with open roles, and after interviews with AI, their profile will be sent by AI to the hiring manager. So the “middle man” (recruiter) will not be necessary anymore. Hiring managers will open the new positions and AI will find the candidate, do the prescreening and invite them for an interview. The new sourcing tools, together with AI and algorithms, are going to […]

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