LinkedIn – Why Bigger is Not Always Better

Expanding your network on LinkedIn is easy; you just hit the blue “Connect” button and wait to see if the people are going to accept or not.

If they accept it, you will add new people into your network, and that’s it.

Yes, this is the easiest way to build a network on LinkedIn. You don’t need any special reason to add them, or even need to know them. If you want to connect someone, that blue “Connect” button is there for you.

The only thing you need to do is click it.

But, some people click on that button quite often. This tells you they do not care about the “quality” of their connection, only that quantity matters. Their goal is to reach the magical goal of 30,000 LinkedIn connections as soon as possible and use that network for sharing their thoughts, articles, and posts.

I don’t blame them, because we all are have our own ways of building our networks. My way is to add people that will interact with me at some point in future. I am NOT going to be just other number in their network.

Online activities always bring new connections

When you are active on LinkedIn and sharing interesting posts, posting articles, and adding comments under posts, the number of invitations you receive will grow. Everything you do will attract different people and they will send you LinkedIn invitations for various reasons.

Recently, I started receiving more invitations than before and I hadn’t changed anything in my activity. I thought I had received more invites because I had published a book, but the reason I had started getting so many invites from people that were not connected with recruitment was a mystery. I was curious as to why the number of invitations doubled and I tried to find out why.