The Secret To Becoming A Full Stack Recruiter

A few years ago, I started writing articles here on LinkedIn, at first just for fun and because I like to write and share. The reason why I continued with it was that I was trying to turn my writing into a habit, so I tried to write something small every week – just a few lines of text, one page. I was planning to write something bigger, but I had to start with something small.

I had to create this habit because even though I was motivated to write my first book, without everyday discipline, that would be impossible. Motivation is a great thing, but it will take you nowhere if you do not have a plan and the discipline to follow it, and discipline was something that I was missing.

If someone were to tell me I would have to spend one year, ten months, and twenty-one days on this book, I am not sure the book would exist. I did not focus on the deadline, or how much time it would take me to finish it. Instead of that, I focused on finalizing the small parts of the book, one by one. Thanks to this small progress, I was able to see each day how much closer I was. I focused only on the result. The result is my first book called Full Stack Recruiter.

I was able to finish the book thanks to encouragement from the people around me (especially one person who convinced me to finish it) and thanks to persistence in writing which I had built over the years. Without these two elements, I would not have been able to finish it.

Many people actively helped me with their feedback, comments, and patience, and their names are mentioned in the book. Some people also became my invisible inspiration when I was trying to find an excuse not to write anything. There is one person who affected the final version of the book even though she did not read it. That person is Shannon Pritchett. She invited me to attend Sourcecon in the spring of 2017. Not only was that convention quite an amazing experience and event, but that experience helped me make the book better.

After that event, I thought there was no way I was not going to finish my book. I had met many talented people and I was not sure if the book is good enough. I was trying to bring something new that would inspire people and help them become better sourcers and recruiters. Because great books, like great works of music, aren’t written but rewritten many times over and over again, I spent months after Sourcecon rewriting this book with one goal in my mind – everyone who reads my book will have at least one “wow” moment while reading it.

Full Stack Recruiter – Book

It was quite a journey, and I spent almost two years writing the book. I learned and discovered tons of new things and methods, and I tried to share all these things in this book. However, you can also find many things I learned over the years working in recruitment.

For me, recruiting and sourcing is not just a job or a hobby. It is a passion. I strongly believe that people who have a passion for their job can do wonders. If you are still a newbie in recruiting or sourcing, I hope that this book will help you ignite a spark of interest in this field, and maybe that little spark will turn into a fire. Thanks to that passion, you will be able to spend hours learning new things, not because some boss of yours told you to but because you want to be better at what you do.

If you are new to recruiting, wish to begin a career as a recruiter, or have worked as a recruiter for a few years, you need to know some important information that will help you improve. Of course, you were not born with that knowledge, but do not worry! That is what this book is for.

If you are sourcing expert, I hope that this book will find a place in your library or on your eBook reader, and that it will turn into your daily sourcing cheat sheet. The book is full of information about sourcing and recruiting, and even if you have worked in the recruitment business for years, I am sure you will find many interesting pieces of information that will help you be a better recruiter.

This recruitment guide is divided into two parts. The first part is all about sourcing methods. In other words, it is full of information on how to source and find people and their contact details. The second part is about recruitment. In it, you will learn how to excel in recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, cold-calling, and many other areas.

Both of these parts are combined into a 448-page book, and the whole book will be your guide to having a more successful recruiting career. In both parts, you will find tricks and tips from sourcing and recruitment. I learned them during my career, and I am also sharing with readers a few of my personal tricks and information about my “secret weapon” that helps me every single day.

The knowledge you will learn from this book will also help you beat almost all of the levels on

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