How to attract the attention of a Headhunter

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There are many ways of getting a new job; if you are actively looking for a job you are replying to job adverts, trying to contact recruiters in companies that you want to join, and you are also working with a few agencies. If you already have a job and you are not looking for a new career opportunity, you will probably receive a few emails and calls throughout the year from agency/company recruiters and headhunters regarding a position they need to be filled. But how can you get a job that a company is not advertising on its career […]

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Trends that will impact recruitment in 2016

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I don’t like predictions, so I try not to get involved with them, because it’s a quick way of making yourself look like an idiot. But I was asked by a friend to make a “prediction” for this year so I hope that at the end of this year, nobody will find this list and tell me how wide of the mark I was. 🙂 Year 2016 will probably have many labels at the end, but if I can use only one label, it will be “Year of the candidate”. Candidates will be sitting in the driver’s seat; everything will […]

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Dear Santa 2015

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Dear Santa, (feel free to replace Santa with Ježíšek, Ježiško, Joulupukki, Hoteiosho, Jultomten etc.) I am sorry that I am writing this so late, I know you have probably already prepared all the gifts for children across the globe, but the reason I am writing to you is because I would like a gift too. It’s not an object, just a small request – well maybe it is a big request, but I have heard children say that you can do wonders, so I have decided to give it a shot – maybe you can make my wish come true. And […]

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How to Improve Your Candidate Experience

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The candidate experience it is not about the strength of your brand or a cool job description full of buzz words or amazing benefits. Attracting talent means treating candidates with respect, treating them as customers. They choose your company for an interview; they could easily choose your competitors. Some companies/agencies are still stuck with the mindset that candidates are just merchandise or a number and they treat their candidates so. I don’t share this belief because I think that candidates are our customers and that we as recruiters are trying to gain access to the company, turning these customers (candidates) […]

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The First Recruiter in the World

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Many people think that recruitment is a relatively new field and that the recruiter’s position is quite a new job role on the market. But recruitment is not such a modern industry, the first recruitment activities and techniques originate from ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Information about the first “recruiters” comes from around 55 BC, when the first referral program was also born. Julius Caesar offered three hundred Sestertii to any soldier recruiting another soldier to the Roman army. The payment represented 30% of a soldier’s yearly salary and is significantly higher than modern day agency fees; it was even […]

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Do you Know Your Target Audience?

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If I asked you if you knew who your target candidate audience was and what the best way to reach them was, what would be your answer? Are you sure that you really know them? Every day as a recruiter you are posting positions, news, and pictures on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Are you doing this because you believe this will bring you the right people for your team or just because other recruiters are doing the same? Knowing your audience is key for any recruitment strategy, because the goal is to entice your audience and let them listen to and […]

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Three Myths About Recruiters

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For some people, recruiting is just bunch of people posting ads on LinkedIn, job boards, and sending job offers through LinkedIn messages and emails, but a large part of recruiter’s job is invisible. Candidates see the part when we approach them and work with them through the interview process. Managers often see the number of candidates we present and the number of requisitions that we filled. It is enjoyable to make things visible which are invisible. -Eric Cantona There are several types of recruiters: sourcer, agency recruiter, corporate recruiter, headhunter etc. But I am going to mention only what the […]

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The Paranoia of the Recruiter

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Disclaimer: This article is not going to be serious, but after you finish reading it, you will understand why recruiters are paranoid beings, why we sometimes act strange, and you will find out why it’s not our fault. And if you are a recruiter reading this article, do not take this article personally. It’s all in good fun. 🙂  “In this world only the paranoid survive.” Dean Koontz There are two types of recruiters out there: recruiters working for staffing agencies (including headhunters/freelancers) and recruiters working for companies. Their state of “paranoia” is very similar but there are a few slight differences. Agency Recruiter Most recruiters […]

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How to Pick the Best Applicant Tracking System

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What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)? Applicant Tracking System, a type of candidate management system, is software to track a candidate’s progress from sourcing to hiring. ATS is designed to help recruit employees more efficiently and help companies and staffing firms focus on growing by automating administrative tasks that usually cost time and money. ATS is not only an internal tool; when connected with your career website, ATS will become the communication point between candidates and your company. So you decided to throw out your Excel spread sheets and move your applicant tracking system on to the whole new level – […]

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How to Modifying Your Resume to Beat ATS Algorithms

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When companies are hiring hundreds of people per month and getting thousands of resumes per position, they are likely using ATS (Applicant tracking system) systems to help them with the first candidate preselection. Resumes are scanned and parsed by ATS and many of these systems match profiles with current openings based on the keywords in resume. These algorithms in ATS systems are doing the first preliminary resume screening, which sometimes means your resume ends up in the dead pool. I personally would rather manually check every single profile to make sure that I don’t miss a single great candidate.  But due […]

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